Day care center negligence comes in many forms, including:

  • Failure to properly supervise your child at all times
  • Failure to follow your child’s diet restrictions
  • Failure to seek timely emergency care for your child after an injury
  • Failure to screen employee’s backgrounds
  • Failure to maintain a clean and safe day care center
  • Inadequate sleeping arrangements or positions (e.g., stomach sleeping for infants)
  • Actual assault of a child by a staff member

At Roper & White, we take claims day care center negligence very seriously. Our children are so vulnerable, and there is no excuse for a day care center owner or its staff to take advantage of that vulnerability or your need for day care services.

Early Warning Signs Of Day Care Center Negligence

We hope you are reading this before your child suffers an injury—or worse. If you are, please review the following list and ask yourself if your day care center meets some or all of these early warning signs of potential day care center negligence:

  • Visible signs of physical injury among the children, including bumps and bruises
  • Broken or recalled toys in active rotation in the center
  • Sleep problems for your child
  • Regressive behavior or other behavioral changes in your child
  • Increased fear of certain people or places

What To Do If Your Child Is Already Hurt

  • Bring your child to the doctor. Your child’s pediatrician is well versed in your child’s health, and can help pinpoint health changes that aren’t normal or otherwise understandable. Pediatricians have special training in signs of abuse, as well, and can provide you with their professional opinion and advice.
  • Talk with other parents at the day care center. Ask them if they have noticed any changes in their children or any issues when they have been at the center.
  • Call our law firm.Reach out to a lawyer experienced in day care negligence claims. We can help you understand your options and help you move forward with a claim against the day care provider.

Discuss Your Day Care Negligence Or Accident Concerns With Us

No one wants to believe that the professionals they have entrusted to care for their childrenare now the direct cause of their children’s injuries. But sometimes one mistake can lead to a lifetime of pain or sorrow. And such mistakes are inexcusable.

Pick up the phone today to speak with one of our day care negligence attorneys about your concerns. Reach out to us today to hear how we may be of service to you during this troubling time. You may reach us by phone at 903-270-1281 or you can email our Sulphur Springs law firm.

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