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Accidents happen. Unfortunately, so do serious injuries that result in medical bills and property loss. If you’re struggling through a personal injury, don’t wait to reach out to a Clarksville attorney.




At Roper & White Attorneys at Law, we pledge to respond promptly to your calls. We’ll also obtain all the necessary evidence to build your case, from hospital records to doctor’s notes. Your attorney will also visit the site of your accident to ensure we have all the necessary information. We’ll handle everything to do with your case, so you can heal.


Serving Clarksville, Texas, And The Surrounding Areas


Our attorneys serve those who call Clarksville, Texas home. We also serve clients throughout Red River County. If you’re too injured to travel, we’ll come to your home or visit you in the hospital to jumpstart the legal process. As your legal partner, we’ll meet you right where you are.


What Personal Injury Cases Do We Handle In Clarksville?


Roper & White handles a wide range of cases stemming from personal injury, vehicle accidents to wrongful death, you can trust us to support you.


Car Accidents


According to recent data compiled by AutoInsurance.org, Texas is one of the worst ranking states for traffic-related fatalities. We support individuals struggling with injuries resulting from car accidents. If you’ve lost a loved one to a car accident, we can also support you. Although compensation can’t bring your loved one back, it can eliminate some of the financial stress.


18-Wheeler Wrecks


Truck wrecks, especially those involving 18-wheelers, often result in serious life-altering injuries. These injuries require more medical care which results in higher costs. And some accidents may result in injuries involving paralysis or amputation, which can affect your work and income.


The attorneys at Roper & White can help you receive full compensation for your injuries, so you can focus on your recovery.


Serious Injury And Death


Serious injuries such as back and spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and disfigurements can change your life. To ensure you have what you need to recover, let us help you build your personal injury case. We can also assist you in a wrongful death case if you’ve lost a loved one due to negligence.


We also serve clients and their loved ones suffering from injuries due to:

For Experienced Legal Counsel In Clarksville, Contact Roper & White


When experience matters, you can trust the personal injury attorneys at Roper & White. To schedule your free consultation in Clarksville, give us a call at 903-270-1281 or send us a message. We’re standing by to support you during this difficult time.


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