justice for family of fatal car wreck fatality


The Sulphur Springs personal injury lawyers at Roper & White, Attorneys At Law, work with people who suffered serious injuries or the death of a loved one in vehicle wrecks in Northeast Texas. If you were hurt in a car accident or your loved one died in a trucking wreck, or 18-wheeler rollovers, talk to one of our personal injury lawyers today. Call 903-885-1155.

We are a part of the Northeast Texas community so it gives us great satisfaction to be able to help families in Mount Pleasant and Mount Vernon, Paris and Commerce, get through the financial, physical and emotional difficulties that follow an accident. We work hard to make sure you achieve a full and fair recovery for your personal injury claim. It’s what we do every day; it’s what we’ve done for years.

We can’t do it alone, though. We work with some of the best medical experts in our area – doctors and surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and occupational therapists, psychologists and other specialists. They help us prove the extent of your injuries and the costs you will face, now and into the future, because of the negligent actions of another. For example:

  • Back and spinal cord injury:If you suffered a spinal cord injury (including quadriplegia, paraplegia, hemiplegia), you may need modifications to your home or car, or a wheelchair-accessible van. You may need specialized equipment to continue to work. Or you may not be able to work anymore, so you should be compensated for lost earning potential.
  • Brain Injury: Among the most difficult injuries to treat, a brain injury could be caused by a crash, a fall or from oxygen deprivation as a result of medical malpractice. Your loved one may need years of therapy to regain the ability to do the tasks he or she once did with ease. You family member may not be able to work again, or may not be able to do the work he/she did before.
  • Concussion: As a society, we’re now beginning to understand that a concussion is a very serious injury that can have long-term consequences, not only in the way a person thinks but also in a person’s emotional life. It can take a year, or more, to heal.
  • Burns and disfigurement: Car accidentstrucking crashes and workplace accidents can result in burns and possibly life-altering disability. You can be compensated separately for disfiguring scars.
  • Fractures: Broken bones may sound like a run of the mill injuries, but severe breaks can set you up for a lifetime of problems, including arthritis and joint degeneration. You cannot come back years later to ask for additional compensation so your initial settlement must take into account the potential for medical costs later on.

Wrongful Death Claims

Our Sulphur Springs personal injury lawyers are well-versed in the courtroom tactics the opposition uses in wrongful death trials. We know how to counter their arguments while fighting to protect your rights. Whether your loved one died in a construction accident, from a birth injury or from a fatal trucking accident, we will be by your side.

Contact A Sulphur Springs Serious Injury Attorney You Can Trust

You don’t have to suffer alone. The personal injury lawyers at Roper & White are here to help you through this difficult time. Call 903-885-1155 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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