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Injuries due to accidents or someone else’s negligence can be difficult to get through on your own. The good news is you don’t have to. If you’re suffering from an injury in Titus County, the attorneys at Roper & White are here to help.




The attorneys at Roper & White serve clients suffering through any accident or situation resulting in an injury. Some of our practice areas include:

  • Car accidents: Car accidents mean dealing with your car insurance company for payment. Unfortunately, this is often met with resistance. We can help you receive what you deserve.
  • Truck wrecks: Truck and 18-wheeler accidents are often severe. We work to hold the truck driver or company accountable to protect your rights.
  • Serious injury or death: Serious injuries such as brain injuries or back and spinal cord injuries require in-depth and costly medical treatment. We’ll work on your behalf to seek full and fair recovery for your claim. Have you lost a loved one due to a serious injury? We can support you too.
  • Workplace accidents: Injured while on the job? Workers’ compensation not enough to cover all of your injuries? We can help.

Serving Titus County And The Surrounding Area


Roper & White is proud to serve the residents of Titus County in Texas and the surrounding counties of Lamar, Hopkins, Delta, Franklin, Titus, Morris and Bowie.


The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney For Your Personal Injury Claim


Many individuals who suffer an injury often think they can handle the process on their own. Yet, there are plenty of benefits to hiring an attorney to assist you with your personal injury claim. With an attorney, you can:

  • Focus on your recovery: You need time to heal, especially after a serious accident. An attorney can handle the legal process on your behalf, so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Experience peace of mind: Hiring an attorney gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to bounce back after missing work or accumulating medical bills. We can help eliminate your stress, so you can move forward.
  • Receive the compensation you deserve: Insurance or workers’ compensation is often not enough to cover all of your needs after an injury. An attorney will fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

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