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Where you involved in a late night car wreck on Interstate 30 or Interstate 20? Did a truck, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler hit you when you were traveling on Highway 67 or 19? Maybe you were rear-ended at a red light on a city street? Or your car was hit when you were turning into or out of Walmart onto highway 154 or highway 11?

If it was serious enough to cause injuries (even a broken wrist or whiplash), there are a few things you should do right away if you’ve been in a car wreck in NE Texas.

1.DO get a police officer or highway patrol officer on the scene. You will need that police report of the accident to prove your insurance claim.

2. If you were traveling at significant speed, if the airbags deployed, if you hit your head on the window or steering wheel, DO let the EMT look at you and DO go to the doctor after the accident. Medical problems are not always immediately obvious, especially neck and back injuries. Whiplash is real and it can make your life miserable.

3.DON’T tough it out if you are in pain. Don’t wait a few days to see if it will get better. Just stop in and see a doctor. Prompt medical treatment may be essential to minimize or reverse the damage done in the accident.

4.DO take pictures! Ask a family member or friend to visit the crash site right away to take pictures. Capture images of car debris, skid marks, or other signs of the accident. Your car crash attorney will be able to use these in your case.

5. DO call a car accident lawyer! We’re not just saying this because we’re lawyers. We’re saying it because you need to know the problems you could face with your insurance company and what you can do to protect your rights. Any personal injury lawyer will talk to you in a FREE initial consultation. You can talk to a car accident lawyer at Roper & White by calling 903-270-1281.

6. If injuries were serious, it’s best to get a personal injury lawyer working on your case immediately. Your attorney will:

  • Find and talk to witnesses while their memories are still fresh
  • Take photos of the accident scene, your vehicle, and conditions in the area that could have caused or contributed to the accident
  • Make sure your vehicle is secure and available for inspection by a mechanic or accident reconstruction expert in case we need to prove fault
  • Gather accident reports and medical documents

Choosing The Right Paris, TX, Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve never been in a car crash before, chances are you don’t know who to call or how to choose an attorney. We have a few recommendations.

  • Don’t just call any lawyer because he’s nearby or you know her from church.
  • Talk to a lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases. Proving an injury claim is both an art and a science. You want someone who has done it many times before.
  • You may want to talk to a couple of lawyers to see whom you connect with best.

An experienced personal injury lawyer, like those at Roper & White, has handled such cases many times. We know how to work with insurance companies – and we know when to stop negotiating and take the case to court. We have access to investigative resources and accident reconstruction experts. We regularly work with doctors and medical personnel so we understand the nature of your injuries – and we know what can happen later, the lingering effects that can continue to affect your life. We know the real costs of your injury, now and In the future.

We truly do want you to get the compensation you need for your serious injuries or the death of a loved one. We do everything we can to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Contact A Sulphur Springs Car Accident Attorney You Can Trust

Let us handle the law and the insurance company so you focus on recovery. Call the Paris, TX personal injury lawyers at Roper & White 903-270-1281 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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