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What Is A Third Party Injury Claim In A Workplace Accident?

Most people who are injured on the job will get compensation from workers’ compensation or from their employer’s insurance policy. Their financial recovery will be limited to what that insurer provides, which does not include pain and suffering.

If you were hurt by a “third party” on the job site, or while driving for work, your lawyer may be able to bring a personal injury claim asking that you be compensated for your other losses and expenses. An example of an on-the-job accident caused by a third party would be:

  • A car or truck accident: An office manager is involved in a car accident while driving to the office supply store
  • A loading dock accident: A delivery truck driver hits a worker when driving too fast into a loading dock area
  • A construction site accident: A subcontractor on the roof at a construction site drops a power hammer on a carpenter below, causing a head injury
  • An office accident: A cleaning crew creates an unsafe workplace when it leaves a slippery floor unmarked and an employee falls and hurts her back
  • A road construction zone accident: A driver speeding through a highway construction zone hits a road construction worker
  • An oilfield accident: A subcontractor doing industrial cleaning at an oilfield uses the wrong chemical and causes an explosion, injuring nearby company employees

At the law office of Roper & White, Attorneys at Law, our experienced Sulphur Springs workplace accident lawyers handle the portion of a serious injury or wrongful death claim that will be heard in a civil court case (not a workers’ comp proceeding). If you were hurt on a jobsite in Northeast Texas, call 903-885-1155.

What If Your Longview Employer Is Self Insured?

For most workplace accidents, you will bring an injury claim to workers’ compensation, but if your employer does not participate in the workers’ compensation system and instead is self insured, you will work through your employer and its insurance company to get compensation.

That can become difficult. There is less government oversight to protect you from arbitrary decisions by your employer’s insurer. You may need the help of a workplace accident lawyer who can advocate for you so you aren’t treated unfairly.

Contact A Sulphur Springs Workplace Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

The personal injury lawyers at Roper & White can help you get all the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury. Call 903-885-1155 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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